Yuichi, who lives within the company's company lodging, had a day by day schedule to confront the room life through the room window. Typically since the boss's spouse, Yuria's unprotected room appearance and beguiling body are completely unmistakable with the shade completely open. Yuichi has been pulled in to Yuria since he was presented when he went domestic with his boss who got intoxicated. In any case, his accomplice was his boss's spouse, Yuichi who told himself to allow up fair by looking through the window.会社の社宅で暮らす裕一は部屋の窓から向かい部屋の生活を覗く事が日課になっていた。なぜなら、上司の奥さん・ゆりあの無防備な部屋着姿や、妖艶な身体がカーテン全開で丸見えだからだ。酔っ払った上司を介抱して家に上がった時に紹介されて以来、裕一はゆりあに心惹かれていた。しかし相手は上司の奥さんで、窓越しに覗くだけの関係で諦めようと自分に言い聞かせる裕一だったが、ある事件をキッカケに二人は急接近して…。