Around this time, his spouse Nao's work return is moderate. I say amusement, but there's no receipt in my wallet. My spouse was irate approximately looking into her wallet, but as a spouse, it is characteristic to stress around terrible creepy crawlies. I needed Nao to secure my family, so I expanded my work. Whether my considerations were communicated, the way domestic from work got quicker and I made more exertion to form children. I ought to have been able to require a step forward to the upbeat family I imagined, but abruptly a man called me a bar receptionist ...この頃、妻・ナオの仕事の帰りが遅い。私には接待というが、財布には領収書も無い。妻は財布の中を覗いた事に怒っていたが夫として悪い虫がつかないか心配するのは当然だ。ナオに家庭を守って欲しいと思っている私は仕事を増やした。思いが伝わったのか、仕事の帰りが早くなり、子作りも以前より励むようになった。思い描く幸せな家庭に一歩踏み出せたはずだったのだが突然バーの店員を名乗る男から一件の電話がかかってきて…。