Two years have passed since I joined a toy manufacturer. I couldn't work and bothered people around me, and I had a longing for Senkai Mukai, who was the only one who taught me gently. This time, with Mukai Senpai alone, I was going on a business trip on a day trip and the excitement did not stop. However, the transaction was unsuccessful ... We were told that the manager would not come back until the contract was taken, so we decided to stay overnight. Unfortunately, the hotel is fully booked, and we finally stayed alone in one empty room we found ...玩具メーカーの会社に入社して2年。仕事が出来ず周りに迷惑をかけてしまう僕は、唯一優しく指導してくれる向井先輩に憧れを抱いていた。今回は、そんな向井先輩と二人きりで日帰り出張へ行く事になりドキドキが止まらなかった。しかし、取引は失敗…部長から契約が取れるまで帰って来るなと言われた僕たちは、急遽一泊する事に。あいにくホテルはどこも満室で、ようやく見つけた空き部屋ひとつに二人きりで泊まる事になって…。