Midsummer day when record heat wave continues. Son, Jun, who came home for the first time after becoming a member of society, reunited with his mother, Amina, for the first time in several years. Amina, who lost her husband and lived lonely, was pleased to reunite with Jun, but Jun did not float anywhere. Apparently Jun seems to be stressed by the bustle of the city. Amina who gently embraces her sweaty body as if healing her tired body and mind. However, Jun is strongly aware of her mother's body as a woman ...記録的な猛暑が続く真夏日。社会人になって初めて実家に帰って来た息子・純は、数年ぶりに母・亜美菜と再会した。旦那を喪い一人寂しく暮らしていた亜美菜は、純との再会を喜んでいたが純はどこか浮かない表情だった。どうやら純は、都会の喧騒に揉まれてストレスを抱えているようだ。心身共に疲れた純を癒すかのように、汗ばむ身体で優しく抱きしめる亜美菜。しかし、あろうことに純は母の身体を女として強く意識してしまい…。