In the latter half of the 2000s, beautiful mature woman Yuuri Yamaguchi who has captured many mature fans has revived in Madonna after 10 years! ! Although he retired after marriage, his daily life without stimulation is still unsatisfactory. In search of an extraordinary pleasure, he dared to hit AV again. Mr. Juri is entangled with her arms many times as if to clear up the ugliness of her quiet life as a wife. A beautiful mature woman revival documentary that is more beautiful and more indecent over time! !2000年代後半、多くの熟女ファンを虜にしてきた美熟女・山口珠理が10年の時を経てマドンナで復活!!結婚を機に引退したものの、刺激の無い日常生活はやはりどこか物足りず…。非日常の快感を求め、思い切って再びAVの門を叩いた。妻として静かに暮らしていた時のうっ憤を晴らすかのように、自ら腕を絡ませ何度もねだる珠理さん。年月を経てより美しく、淫らに咲き誇る美熟女復活ドキュメンタリー!!