Misuzu-san will be performing for the second time today. The response from the previous work was great, and this time I offered this offer again. Misuzu says that she had a good experience in the previous shooting. She seems to have a lot of private sex, and recently she had sex with her colleague doctor. He seems to have expected that he can have sex with another actor. Immediately as she gently touches her body, she wraps her cheeks with both hands and draws him to kiss herself本日二回目のご出演となります美鈴さん。前回の作品の反響が大きく、今回改めてこちらからオファーさせて頂きました。前回の撮影で良い経験が出来たと話す美鈴さん。プライベートのセックスも充実しているそうで、最近は同僚のお医者さんとセックスをしたそうです。前回とは別の男優さんとセックスが出来るということで期待して来たそうです。早速、彼女の体に優しく触れ