Aya who is watching AV regularly. It seems that the purpose is not only to eliminate libido but also to see the actress you like, and this area is a little different from ours. Nonetheless, since she masturbates about 3 times a week, she seems to use AV as a sidekick. There are a wide variety of genres you like, and you'll want to make flowers bloom in the AV discussion. However, I will endure that feeling and start shooting. “I want to be taken like a long-time actress,” she says, but she has enough things to match a professional actress in both face and body. A vulgar pant voice that can be heard in some places, despite the sophisticated and sophisticated features that make shortcuts look good. This gap does not accumulate. Still, big breasts and buttocks, slender legs ... If you have such a woman in front of you, can you keep calm?日頃からAV鑑賞をしているという綾さん。性欲解消のためだけではなく、好きな女優さんを観るのも目的のようで、この辺は我々男とはちょっと感覚が違うところですね。とはいえ週3くらいの頻度でオナニーもするため、その時はAVをしっかりオカズとして活用するらしい。好きなジャンルも幅広く、思わずAV談議に花を咲かせたくなります。が、そんな気持ちをグッと堪えて撮影に臨みます。『自分も憧れの女優さんのように撮られてみたい』と言いますが、彼女は顔も体もプロの女優に引けをとらない程のモノをお持ちです。ショートカットが似合う大人っぽく洗練された顔立ちにもかかわらず、所々で聞こえてくる下品な喘ぎ声。このギャップがたまりません。それでいて大きな胸とお尻、スラっとした美脚…。こんな女性を目の前にしたらあなたは果たして平静を保っていられるでしょうか?