Covered negotiations to listen to summer memories of a swimsuit gal trio having fun on the beach. It is OK to hang up with the power play of the trump card reward to the trio who are reluctant to reply! ! While drinking alcohol and talking in a fun atmosphere, moving to separate rooms with excuses to hear more about the naughty episodes → go to the development! ! Ami-chan, who attends a famous university, is an elite JD who has been confirmed by a publisher. In the last summer vacation of students, let's make naughty memories as a persuasion trap in front of the camera! ! While saying "I'm embarrassed !!" ! Squirting a large flood so that the entire bed is flooded when you put it in and out with finger fuck! ! ! When you give Ji-Po to Ami-chan who has been in estrus, you can hang the Ji-Po in your mouth while dripping drooling! ! Because I want to have a sensation with an estrus eye, insert it as you wish! ! ! Thorough pursuit of lewd ma ○ co who can not stand the intense piston attack and immediately crawls! ! Saddle tide injection does not stop with an infinite climax storm! ! ! Highly educated elitema 〇 co is too good for tightening! ! The last summer vacation of students will surely become an unforgettable memoryビーチで楽しんでいる水着ギャル3人組に夏の思い出話を聞きたいと取材交渉。返事を渋る3人組に切り札の謝礼というパワープレイでたたみかけ即OK!!お酒を飲ませて楽しい雰囲気で話をしていくうちに、エッチなエピソードも聞くことにwもっと詳しく聞きたいという口実で各々別室へ移動→ムフフな展開へともっていく!!某有名大学に通うあみちゃんは出版社に内定が確定しているエリートJD。学生最後の夏休みにエッチな思い出作りましょうと口説き堕としてカメラの目の前でオッパイ・マ〇コ公開!!「恥ずかしいー!!!」と言っておきながらマ〇コからは溢れ出すトロトロのマン汁!!指マンでズボズボ出し入れしてあげるとベッド一面を水浸しにさせるほどの大洪水潮吹き!!!発情したあみちゃんにチ〇ポを差し出すと、ヨダレをダラダラ垂らしながらお口いっぱいにチ〇ポを頬張る!!発情した目つきでチ〇ポを欲しがるので、お望み通りズボッと挿入!!!激烈ピストン攻撃に耐え切れず即中イキする淫乱マ〇コを徹底的に追撃!!無限に続く絶頂の嵐とともにハメ潮噴射も止まらない!!!高学歴のエリートマ〇コは締め付けも優秀すぎて最高ー!!学生最後の夏休みはきっと忘れられない思い出になったでしょうww