Misaki Kanna battles to embed five fingers! W Misaki's true show! Kanna, a modern week after week magazine columnist, heads for scope beneath a rumored fruitlessness treatment specialist Yui. Showing up may be a wonderful lady who doesn't take after the rumors of a ruddy dress. And do n’t waver, let ’s take a look at the story that she ’s aiming to drink therapeutic tea without hesitation!美咲かんな、5指挿入に苦悶!W美咲の本格ドラマ! 新人週刊誌記者のかんなは巷で噂の不妊治療のセラピスト結衣のもとに取材に向かう。現れたのは真っ赤なドレスがはえる噂にたがわぬ美人。そして彼女は何のためらいもなく薬入りのお茶をかんなに飲ませる…というお話、ぜひご覧下さい!