Recorded as it were 4 times of "squirting" from all the works of the long-established difficult name "Genuine" without any squander! ! From the 20 vaginal cum shot arrangement to the evil spirit IKASE arrangement! From squirting that spills in expansive amounts in each circumstance to squirting that blows tall within the sky! Blowing up to artistic verification is the proper summit! ! Typically the pith of Genuine! !老舗ハード系レーベル「レアル」の数ある作品の中から『潮吹き』のみを一切の無駄なく4時間収録!!中出し20連発シリーズから鬼イカセシリーズまで!あらゆるシチュエーションで大量にだだ漏れする潮吹きから空高く吹き上げる潮吹きまで!芸術的とまで言える吹きっぷりは正しく絶頂の証!!コレがREALの真髄!!