"I'll be damaging your neck. It is condemned, and it is condemned by the glittering boss of the slut! Manami who served as the manager of the marketing planning department of a certain cosmetics manufacturer had a hostile hobby. It is that the head of the cock that tempted and eradicated the subordinates slowly and tossed with the mouth slowly and vertically. It is compulsion and it is forced by the unanswered answer after being able to do the hesitation in the figure of the man who is troublesome and today, too.「貴方のカリ首をたっぷり焦らして苛めてあげる…うふふ」と、艶めかしい痴女上司にじ~っくり亀頭を責められ身悶える!某化粧品メーカーのマーケティング企画部で課長職を務める真奈美には意地悪な趣味があった。それは、部下を誘惑し勃起させたチンポの亀頭だけをじっくりゆっくり上下のお口で弄ぶ事。悶える男達の姿に今日もまた欲情しガニ股騎乗位で先っぽ苛めを堪能した後は問答無用で強制中出し!