Just a year ago, my wife's sister Eimi was born in favor. A young, innocent smile and transparent white skin, and a smooth bulge in the chest and buttocks that are approaching adults. However, Eimi has a boyfriend named Atsushi, a colleague of his wife's company. Still, my feelings for Eimi don't change ... One day, my wife and Atsushi left for Hokkaido on an employee trip. This is an opportunity, I called Eimi, committed, trained her crying, and recorded her love on the video.ちょうど1年前だ、妻の妹えいみに好意が生まれたのは。若く汚れを知らない無邪気な笑顔と透き通るような白い肌、大人に近づきつつある胸と尻の滑らかな膨らみ。しかし、えいみには妻の会社の同僚のあつし君という彼氏がいる。それでも俺のえいみへの思いは変わらない…。そんなある日、妻とあつし君は社員旅行で北海道へ旅立った。これはチャンスだ、俺はえいみを呼び出して犯し、泣き叫ぶ彼女を調教しその愛を映像に記録した。