Mitsuki, a beautiful girl who was in love with a man who passed by on the way to school. One day, suddenly attacked on the way home. He was taken to the ruins, gang banged by two strange guys, and finally he was taken to video. It is restrained and the pussy is violated with a toy, it is forced deep throat, and 3PSEX in which a meat stick is screwed into the original vertical muscle crack. why? why? An absurd confinement insult will cause Mitsuki's heart and body to collapse. Who are the violated men ...?学校に通う途中にすれ違う男性に恋をしていた美少女・みつき。ある日、帰宅途中に突如襲われてしまう。廃墟に連れ込まれ、見知らぬ男2人に輪姦され、あげくにその姿をビデオにまで撮られてしまう。拘束され玩具でオマンコを犯され、強制イラマチオされ、さらには初心な縦筋割れ目に肉棒をねじ込まれる3PSEX。なぜ?どうして?不条理なまでの監禁陵辱に、みつきの心と身体は崩壊してしまう。犯した男たちとは一体誰なのか…?