“Please, please let this child go to school.” The teacher bowed to her parents for me. I started my college life, but I had no choice but to work part-time. One day, the teacher came out of the door ... "Hey, do you love winter?" After that, the attitude changed drastically, "I'm a customer today." Shooting with a real compulsion or a smartphone ... “I'll be sad if I know it from my parents.” With that word, I can't resist anything and it becomes an obedient female hole.「お願いします。この子を進学させてやって下さい」私の為に両親に頭を下げてくれた先生。憧れの大学生活がスタートするもお金が全く足りず仕方なくバイトをする事に…ある日、扉から出てきたのはまさかの先生…「おい、冬愛なのか?」部屋で話を聞いてくれた後、「今日は客だからな」と態度が豹変。本番の強要やスマホでの撮影…「親にバレたら悲しむよな」その言葉で何も抵抗できず従順なメス穴となってしまう。