“If I thought there was a pleasure that I didn't know yet, I couldn't help it anymore ...” Misuzu Maekawa, 32-year-old, office worker. A lewd wife who has a regular night with the husband who has been in her 8th year of marriage and is cheating with a male employee at work. She was conscious of her appearance when she was in love with her colleagues. "A so-called married woman is flowing on TV ... It's already nailed to the screen (bitter smile)" Deeply grabbed the hard erection of a young man, rolled hard with a hard piston, continuously cum shot in 3P and breathlessly Misuzu says that she felt sympathy in the figure of a married woman. “Oh, this is what I want! (Laughs)” This time, a total of 3 production special versions! Do as much as you want to do, Misuzu-san!「まだ私の知らない快楽があると思ったら、いてもたってもいられなくなりました…」前川美鈴さん32歳、会社事務パート。結婚8年目を迎えたご主人とは定期的に夜を営みながらも、勤務先の男性社員とちゃっかり浮気してるスケベ妻。彼女が出演を意識しだしたのは、まさに同僚とラブホ不倫にいそしんでいたときだった。「いわゆる人妻物がTVで流れていて…もう画面に釘付けです(苦笑)」若い男の硬く勃起した巨根を深く咥え込み、ハードなピストンでイキまくり、3Pで連続中出しされて息も絶え絶えになっている人妻の姿にシンパシーを感じてしまったという美鈴さん。「あぁ~これが求めてるものだ!って(笑)」今回は合計3本番スペシャルバージョン!美鈴さんのやりたいこと、思う存分やっていただきます!