“I ’m yearning for passionate and instinctful sex. It ’s not just a physical feeling, but it ’s just like being connected to each other even if there ’s no language… Passion (laughs)? “Maki Nogawa is 50 years old. When she was a student, Maki Maki, who was only thinking about studying, woke up for sex after becoming a working adult. Freed from the curse of study and employment, Maki, who decorated the "working person debut", was said to have had a relationship with a number of men as if to recover the lost youth. “I think I did something stupid when I think about it now, but for the first time I knew the pleasure and became a monkey (laughs). Although she had been calm, she was 50 years old and re-emerged, "I want to have romantic sex again before time runs out." An intelligent dam full of intelligence is now back to the wild! !