"Mom-chan halt! Calm down! I'm my child!" My child was astounded and befuddled by Yuri's mother who shouted at her cock with a flying eye. A mystery medication that estruses a lady who got it from something. To begin with of all, in the event that I blended it with tea with a light feeling to undertake it with my mother ... it appears to have worked too much. This is often awful. In the event that you do not halt it rapidly, it'll be genuine. My child stands up to frantically, but she breaks down before the impressive tech that Yuri brings out.「母ちゃんストップ!落ち着け!俺だよ、息子だよ!」ぶっ飛んだ目つきでチンポにむしゃぶりついてくる母の優里に息子は驚き、困惑していた。ひょんなことから手に入れた女を発情させるという秘薬。まずは母ちゃんで試そうと軽い気持ちでお茶に混入したら…効きすぎてしまったらしい。これはまずい。早く止めないと大変なことになる。息子は必死に抵抗するが、優里が繰り出す華麗なテクの前に腰砕けになってしまい…。