We talked to a couple of tipsy beauties on the beach in midsummer, and gradually opened up the erotic talk drawer by fake an interview! At first, they were both vigilant, but when they were invited to launch a drink, the guards went down all at once. Wearing a wwww swimsuit and toasting everyone together ♪ Start a mouth-shifting game! Erotic 真夏の浜辺でほろ酔い気味の美女二人組に声をかけ、インタビューと偽って徐々にエロトークの引き出しを開放!最初は警戒心強めの二人だったが、お酒が飲める打ち上げに誘われると一気にガードが下がるチョロさ発動www水着を着てみんなで乾杯~♪カラダのラインが細くて可愛いあいちゃんにお酒の口移しゲームを開始!エロ