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Mr. and Mrs. Nogi who are in their third year of marriage. Some time recently long after being together, I was endeavoring to create a child, but I wasn't pregnant and my life partner and companion were awkward. When Kenta talked roughly the relationship between the couple, she licked the body of "Hot Sex Experience" some time recently her respectability. In extension Kenta's life partner, Maina, allure the respectable and doused spit to give a affluent blowjob! Tokiharu Takaki, who was put into a strange couple, gets to be a prisoner of a thick swap that reiterates vaginal cum shot.

結婚3年目の乃木夫妻・ちはると高貴。一緒になってすぐの頃から子作りに励んでいたが懐妊はせず夫婦仲も気まずいモノになっていた。健太に夫婦仲のことを相談すると「刺激的な性経験」と言いちはるのカラダを高貴の目前で舐った。さらに健太の妻・まいなは高貴を誘惑し唾液をダラダラ垂らして濃厚なフェラチオを施す! 魔性の夫婦にたらし込められた高貴とちはるは、大量膣内射精を繰り返す濃厚スワップの虜になっていく..。

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