An outing trip. In any case, the number of rooms isn't sufficient to be disturbed, and the understudy is likely to drop alone. At that point, Nami, a female instructor who came to the rate, recommended that "I will have a room with me". Yamashita, a student of the student room, contains a cherish fondness for namimi.待ちに待った修学旅行。しかし困った事に手違いで部屋数が足りず、生徒がどうしても一人あぶれる事態に。そこで、引率で来ていた女教師の奈々美が、「私と相部屋にしましょう」と提案するのだが…。相部屋になった生徒の山下は奈々美に対して只ならぬ恋愛感情を抱いていて…。