Since she was a child, Saori (Ki-gi) proceeds to harbor mediocrity complexes in her more seasoned sister, Ayaka Orikasa, who is well-looking and well-liked by everybody. Life is unpleasant presently when it is isolated from the senior sister, and it lives a self-depraved life with the triumph which lives together by getting to be it. One day, Saori gotten the news of her engagement from Ayaka, and got to be rankled by the distinction in circumstances with her, and turned the edge of her mutilated feelings to Ayaka.幼少の頃から、容姿端麗で性格も良く皆に好かれる姉の綾香(織笠)に劣等感を抱き続ける沙織(枢木)。姉と離れて暮らす現在では生活も荒み、なりゆきで同棲している勝と共に自堕落な生活を送っていた。ある日、綾香から婚約の知らせを受けた沙織は、自分との境遇の差に激怒し、その歪んだ感情の刃を綾香に向けるのだった…。