Married woman only work Training / slave drama captivity sample movie Product code: atid 319 Housewife's Fuyumi ended up disappearing for a week. Fuyumi was confined at the house of Ichikawa who lives in the neighborhood. Ichikawa had a past where Fukumi's father, Bunriji took his wife down, took revenge by robbing her girlfriend's cherished girlfriend, and raised her to a female slave 人妻 単体作品 調教・奴隷 ドラマ 監禁 サンプル動画 品番: atid319 主婦の冬美が消息を絶って一週間。冬美は近所に住む市川の自宅で監禁されていた。市川は冬美の父・文治に妻を寝取られた過去があり、文治が大事にしている娘を奪う事で復讐を果たし、自らの牝奴隷へ育て上げるのであった