“You are a boring woman,” hitched the girl of the affluent manami. Each day, a spouse who acquires a fine chateau that does not fit his stature and is not stressed almost his spouse is totally out of date and struck by his spouse who ought to have been hitched with cherish. It was difficult to accept that Manami's proposition to break such a cold conjugal relationship was “hold on another man”. Be that as it may, Manami was frustrated since she may not move agreeing to her husband's informational. Such a time ...「キミは、つまらないオンナだ」資産家の娘・真奈美と結婚。身の丈に合わない立派な屋敷を譲り受け、妻に頭があがらなくなった夫はすっかり卑屈になり、愛し合って結婚したはずの妻に当たり散らす毎日。そんな冷え切った夫婦関係を打破しようと夫が提案してきたのは「他の男に抱かれろ」という真奈美には信じがたい事だった。しかし夫の指示通りに動けず幻滅された真奈美。そんな折…。