[Seven consecutive squirting in one etch / super curvy / thigh / huge breasts / round ass / metamorphosis / domaso / squirting leaking Ikuiku constitution / woman who easily blows the tide] A married woman working at a yakitori shop in Tokyo Beware that adultery sex of Mr. (pseudonym) is too erotic. A perverted masochist who is not only a salt splasher who squirts 7 times during the etch of just over 50 minutes, but also enjoys spanking, deep throat, strangling, and any play.【一回のエッチで7回連続潮吹き/超むっちり/太もも/爆乳/丸尻/変態/ドマゾ/潮吹きお漏らしイクイク体質/簡単に潮を吹きすぎる女】都内の焼き鳥屋さんで働く人妻のたまくるさん(仮名)の不倫セックスはエロすぎ注意。50分強のエッチの最中に7回も潮吹きするソルトスプラッシャー(潮吹き者)であるだけでなく、スパンキング、イラマチオ、首絞め、どんなプレイでも喜ぶド変態マゾ女。