She came to recruit SNS for costume photography. She claims to be "Layer," but she later discovered she might be an idol! ? And rumors. This Gonzo was my best memory. A slim muscular body trained in dance. A beautiful idol with pink color. The wet hole is so soft that it's so sensitive that you can get it right after you put your finger on it. Occupational pattern Do you usually endure, the figure that is crazy about Ji Po is a female who is faithful to libido. When I skewered all at once, my waist swung up, down, left and right from myself, and I was delighted with pleasure and it was the most erotic.コスチューム撮影ということでSNSの募集でやって来てくれた彼女。「レイヤーです」と名乗ってましたが、後日わかった彼女の正体はアイドルかも!?と噂が。このハメ撮りは私の最高の思い出となりました。ダンスで鍛えた細身の筋肉ボディ。ぴんく色で綺麗なアイドルま○こ。濡れる穴はむにむにやわらかく、指を入れるとすぐイってしまう敏感体質で感動。職業柄普段は我慢しているのか、チ○ポに夢中でパクつく姿は性欲に忠実な雌そのもの。奥まで一気に串刺すと自分から腰を上下左右に揺らし、快感を貪っていて最高にエロかったです。