Lolita cute creamy Mia with high tension ☆ Tension up in front of the best subject ☆ ☆ Expectation of H is also up to intense erotic cosplay with full exposure ↑↑ Shooting and handing a candy in the shape of Chi Even if you look at it, it's a smiling adult NG declaration ... ('· ω · `) Still a strong heart photographer who proposes restraint-based shooting テンション高めでロリ系キュートなクリーミーみあさん☆最高の被写体を前にテンションアップ☆☆露出度満点の激エロコスにHの期待もアップアップ↑↑撮影進みチ〇ポの形した飴を渡して反応を見るも笑顔でまさかのアダルトNG宣言