I decided to go on a hot spring trip with Mr. Horiguchi who I met before. She said that her husband had been cheating on her husband's cheating, but that her husband and wife had not changed. Still, he seems to be trying to improve his own time by watching movies and learning lessons, rather than stopping just thinking about his master. And for her who wants to move forward without squeezing, healing at a hot spring inn is the best以前お会いした堀口さんと温泉旅行へ行くことになりました。ご主人の浮気の憂さ晴らしをした彼女だが、夫婦仲は変わらなかったとか。それでも堀口さんは主人の事だけ考えて立ち止まるより、映画を見たり習い事をしたりと自身の時間を充実させる様に心がけているらしい。そして、クヨクヨすること無く前に進もうとする彼女のために温泉宿で極上の癒やしで