I met a mature woman who runs a gym. He seems to have been active as a gym trainer when he was in his twenties, but he quit the trainer after he had a child and worked as a manager, and his daughter became a fitness trainer in succession. However, it seems that the marriage between the husband and her husband, whose work is going well but the cheating does not cease, is getting cold, and this time his daily depression isスポーツジムを経営している熟女に出会いました。20代の頃はジムのトレーナーとして活躍していたらしいが、子供が出来てからトレーナーを辞め経営者として尽力し、跡継ぎに娘さんがフィットネストレーナーになったそう。しかし、仕事は順調でも浮気が絶えないご主人との夫婦仲は冷えきっているようで、今回は日頃の鬱憤を