An active campaign girl with exquisite proportions volunteers for Gonzo! Contrary to appearance, it is a perverted M transformation that gets wet. He said he was masturbating every day while he was being bullied while he was a kid, and he had a strange habit because he was lying on his face. Put your knees up and blow the tide with your uncle's fingers, and you'll be obedient. I will develop as my uncle wants. When I grabbed her hair and thrust her with a gun from the back, I felt like "Oh, oh, iguig" with the whole body in a mess.絶品プロポーションの現役キャンペーンガールがハメ撮り志願!見た目に反して、激しい責めに濡れまくるドM変態です。幼いころから、いじめられる妄想をしながら毎日オナニーしていたせいで変な癖がついてしまい、うつ伏せで足をピンと伸ばさないといけないという。膝を立たせておじさんフィンガーで潮を吹かせれば、後は従順な彼女に。おじさんのお思うとおりに展開していきます。彼女の髪を掴んでバックからガン突きすれば、全身をワナワナさせて「ああああー、イグイグ」っと、感じておりました。