Minako, a married woman who has been applying since she has been married for two years and has been silent for about two years. Masturbation has been resolved almost every day on weekdays, but it is already the limit of patience. When it comes to sex, it is a M woman and I wanted to be bullied very much so I went straight to the home of S actor! They are made to lick their toes as desired, spanked, peeed, and put in their panties結婚して夜の営みが2年ぐらいご無沙汰していて応募して来た人妻の美奈子さん。オナニーは平日ほぼ毎日やって解消しているがもう我慢の限界。エッチになるとM女なのですごくイジメられたい希望だったのでどS男優さんの自宅へ直行!ご希望通り足指舐めさせられ、スパンキングされ、オシッコかけられたり、パンティー口に入