"Sweat-soaked sports young ladies" arranging to present charming and sexual sports young ladies! ① Meet at Omotesando Slopes this time! "Nene" may be a previous ballet performer! He has been working for approximately 15 years, but he cannot be a proficient. Some a long time after stopping, I presently work as a manicurist. ② Move to a adjacent studio. Whereas tuning in to the ancient story of expressive dance, hone! Whereas Nene-chan tells me, let's do the ballerina's frequently spin! Be that as it may, it doesn't work well (giggles). He is chuckling another to me, circling around. ③ Alter dress before long! I'm getting dressed in this leotard, but I brought a really sexual thing! It's straightforward and the tall leg degree is forceful! In the event that you move in that state, it's lewd anyway! Both the drain and the buttocks influenced and I knew the shape of Omakko ... It may be a disrespect for a expressive dance experienced individual to observe a respectable don from a total suggestive point of see. Much obliged to Nene-chan's great stick, I was not angry可愛くてエロいスポーツ女子を紹介してもらう『汗だくスポ女子』企画!①今回は表参道ヒルズで待ち合わせ!「ねね」ちゃんは元バレリーナ!15年ほど続けていたそうですがプロにはなれず…。辞めてから数年、今ではネイリストとして働いています。②近くのスタジオへ移動。バレエをやっていた頃の昔話を聞きつつ、いざ実践!ねねちゃんに教えてもらいつつ、バレリーナがよくやるクルクル回るアレをやってみます!が、まぁ上手くはいきませんわな(笑)普通にすっころんでしまいます。隣で笑いながらクルクル回ってるねねちゃん、さすがっす。③程なくしてお着替えタイム!こちらの用意したレオタードに着替えてもらうわけですが…極エロのモノを持ってきました!透けてるしハイレグ度がエグい!その状態で踊ってみるともうとにかくスケベ!乳も尻もぷるんと揺れて、オマ〇コの形もわかって…。高貴なスポーツを完全なエロ目線で見るという、バレエ経験者からしたら冒涜です。ねねちゃんのノリが良いおかげで怒られずに済みました