"Sweat-soaked sports young ladies" arranging to present charming and sexual sports young ladies! ① Meet at Omotesando Slopes this time! "Nene" may be a previous ballet performer! He has been working for approximately 15 years, but he cannot be a proficient. Some a long time after stopping, I presently work as a manicurist. ② Move to a adjacent studio. Whereas tuning in to the ancient story of expressive dance, hone! Whereas Nene-chan tells me, let's do the ballerina's frequently spin! Be that as it may, it doesn't work well (giggles). He is chuckling another to me, circling around. ③ Alter dress before long! I'm getting dressed in this leotard, but I brought a really sexual thing! It's straightforward and the tall leg degree is forceful! In the event that you move in that state, it's lewd anyway! Both the drain and the buttocks influenced and I knew the shape of Omakko ... It may be a disrespect for a expressive dance experienced individual to observe a respectable don from a total suggestive point of see. Much obliged to Nene-chan's great stick, I was not angry