A bad interviewer and an executive at a company where “Mai Sato” (a pseudonym) who is looking for a job went to an interview. No matter how many times I did it, I couldn't get a job offer, and Sato-san, who had been mentally depressed, seemed to crush her power. And sexual harassment. Forced sexual entertainment and obeyed.就職活動中の「佐藤麻衣(仮名)」さんが面接に行った企業で悪い面接官と役員に目をつけられてしまう。何度やっても内定が貰えず、精神的に落ち込んでいた佐藤さんに、押し潰すようにパワハラ。そしてセクハラ。性的接待を強要され、仕方なく従う