Naoko-san (39), who may be a sprout educators, volunteered to appear on AV. The reason for appearing up is “frustration” since sexlessness with her companion has continued for 8 a long time. In this shooting, she shows up to have been affected to the degree that she can say, “I'm as well awful for (companion), but it ’s horrendous that I do n’t do it.” I have never had an issue until directly, and I customarily utilized to masturbate, but it shows up that the alter has collapsed due to thrust in childcare自らAV出演を志願してやってきたのはお花の先生をしている、尚子さん(39)。出演理由は旦那さんとのセックスレスが8年間続いている事からの「欲求不満」とのこと。今回の撮影にあたっては「(夫に)申し訳ない気持ちもありつつ、相手してくれないのが悪いw」と言い切るほど、ほったらかされて来たご様子。今までは浮気した事がなく、普段はオナニーをしてやり過ごしていたそうですが、育児面でのストレスもあってその均衡が崩れてしまったそう