This work is a real documentary work that attracts a luscious shrine maiden. [Prolog] One day when the hot summer was about to end. I was meeting with a woman in the countryside Chofu of Kanagawa. Moe (29). [Scene1] A lovely wife who has been in her third year of marriage. Let's start by listening to various stories. Her husband is quite old, there is no relationship between men and women, and Moe is a male friend who has solved her sexual desire. However, he felt unsatisfied with sex with his boyfriend and decided to perform an AV for further stimulation. It is popular regardless of appearance. [Scene2] Move to the hotel and start production with a kiss to relieve tension. Moe's expression relaxes enough to entangle her tongue. It reacts sensitively when the neck and ears are licked. My shorts are a little wet. If you move the shorts and stir it with your finger in the genital area, you will hear an obscene sound. Soon after shaking her whole body and soaking in comfort, Moe took off her partner's clothes. It seems that the engine has started. When you find something you ’re looking for, your expression is also smiling. Taste the man from the ball to the glans to love the loved ones. If you look at her slowly and politely and use her deep throat, you can't keep her excitement. Insert the hot thing as it is into her vagina. Slowly at first, gradually accelerating her hips and pushing her uterus hard. As the panting voice grows and the vagina becomes moisturized, she continues to fuck her who is crazy about yoga while shaking her whole body. Until the sperm is completely ... [Epilogue] Lastly, send to the station by car and finish shooting. I often say that it is a whole body sensation zone, but you can see the words well when you look at her play that gets moistened every time you hit it and gets acme. The neat and cute wife was Dosukebe who wanted a stimulus and loved her.この作品は、色気溢れる甘美な淑女が魅せるリアルドキュメンタリー作品である。【Prolog】暑い夏が終わりに差し掛かったある日。神奈川の田園調布で一人の女性と待ち合わせしていました。萌さん(29)。【Scene1】結婚3年目の可愛いらしい奥様ですが、なんだか緊張しているご様子。まずは色々とお話を聞くことにしましょう。旦那さまはかなり年上で、男女の関係は無く、性的欲求は男友達で解消している萌さん。しかしながら、男友達とのセックスに物足りなさを感じ、さらなる刺激を求めてAV出演を決めたそうです。見かけによらずお盛んですね。【Scene2】ホテルに移動し、緊張をほぐすキスから本番開始。舌を絡ませ合うほどに表情が緩む萌さん。そのまま首筋や耳を舐めると敏感に反応。興奮してしまったのか、ショーツがほんのり濡れています。ショーツをずらし、陰部のなかに指を挿れ掻き回せば"クチュクチュ…"と卑猥な音。全身を震わせ気持ちよさに浸る間もなく、萌さんが相手の服を脱がせにかかりました。どうやらエンジンが掛かってきたようですね。お目当ての一物を発見すると表情もにっこり。愛おしいものを愛でるように、玉から亀頭にかけて男を味わいます。ゆっくりと丁寧に、喉奥まで使ってしゃぶる彼女を見ていたら、興奮が抑えきれません。そのまま熱り立つ一物を彼女の膣へと挿入。最初はゆっくりと、徐々に腰の動きを早めて彼女の子宮を激しく突きます。喘ぐ声は大きくなり、膣の潤いも増すなかで、全身を震わせながらヨガり狂う彼女をハメ続けるのです。精子がすっからかんになるまで…。【Epilogue】最後は駅まで車で送って撮影終了。全身性感帯とはよく言いますが、突くごとに潤いを増し、イッてしまう彼女のプレイを見るとその言葉が良く分かりますよ。清楚で可愛らしい奥様は、刺激が欲しくてチ●ポが大好きなドスケベさんでした