Find the puzzling uncle (saffle is over 3 digits)! ! Why is this uncle persuaded, really calling Saffle and shooting an meet & SEX with a young lady! ! Presenting a lovely lady sprinkled with ancient lady method! ! In case you inquire this uncle approximately the privileged insights of Mote, there's a questionable bracelet that says "It's Kore, Kore!" “If you put this on, it'll be a extraordinary good fortune explosion,” uncle laughs violently…, if you are feeling our climate that I think may be a lie, “I'll call you”, “Soup No. 1” among numerous saffles Call the prescribed lovely young lady Chiharu!謎にモテるおじさん(セフレが3桁オーバー)を発見!!何故このおじさんがモテるのか、実際にセフレを呼んでもらって女の子にインタビュー&SEXを撮影!!老獪テクニックでイキまくる美女をご紹介します!!このおじさんにモテの秘訣を聞けば、「コレだよ、コレ!!」とそこには怪しげなブレスレット。「これつけたらモテ運爆上げだよ」と豪快に笑うおじさん…、嘘くせーと思う我々の雰囲気を感じ取ったのか「じゃあ呼ぶね」と、数あるセフレの中でも『汁っけNo.1』というオススメ美少女ちはるちゃんを呼び出し!