Typically an application for a excellent girl-special insect advertise that permits you to effectively gain stash cash. The number of excellent young lady clients who are light-hearted, saying, “Only sell underwear” is expanding. “Underwear giving disbandment” could be a excellent young lady whose default protect is difficult, arrange with this hand in arrange to SEX with such young ladies! ! Have a recorded video! ! A wonderful God young lady who looks beyond icons! ! Beautiful young lady Rena who looks back on all the folks before the station at the meeting place! ! In case you're overpowered with a full-faced kill and a grin, usually a happy word, "Uncle, charming!" Besides, “I will go to the normal place!” To a spot where individuals don't come手軽にお小遣いが稼げる、美少女専門フリマ裏アプリのコト。「下着を売るだけ」と軽い気持ちの美少女ユーザーが増加中。「下着手渡し解散」がデフォのガードが固い美少女たち、そんな彼女たちとSEXする為に、あの手この手で交渉!!その記録映像をどうぞ!!本当にアイドル越えのルックスの神美少女が登場!!待ち合わせ場所の駅前にいた男全員が振り返る程の美少女れなちゃん!!満面の神殺し笑顔にこっちがビビっていると、「おじさん、かわいい!」と嬉しい一言!さらに「いつもの場所行くね!」と、人が来ないというスポットへ