A four-hour collection of carefully selected hardcore cosplay hardcore charmed by the blue-eyed half-beautiful girl & de M actress “Karina Nishida”! TMA's high quality cosplay clothing intercourse realizes “2.5 dimension”. V tuber "D.W.U" official AV, faith / series of female knight, bride knight, red knight, various characters such as elves violated by orcs and goblins are perfectly reproduced!青い瞳のハーフ美少女&ドM女優「西田カリナ」が魅せるコスプレハードコア厳選映像4時間収録!TMAのハイクオリティなコスプレ着衣性交で「2.5次元」を実現。Vチューバー「D.W.U」の公式AV、faith/シリーズの女騎士王、嫁騎士、赤騎士、オークやゴブリンに犯されるエルフなど多彩なキャラを完璧再現!