My husband died a year ago and I am taking over the factory and I am running, but the performance is falling down and I am on the verge of bankruptcy .... It was the design data of the new type vibes that my husband left behind in his life. In order to rebuild the factory, there is no way but to manufacture new products and generate sales, "But to make things that are close to the real thing, you need a real cock. How do you do ...? Then I suffered from trouble, I sneaked into my son · Yuichi's room at dawn ... ...夫が一年前に亡くなり、私が工場を引き継いで経営してるのですが、業績はドンドン落ちていき倒産寸前に…。そんな折に思いだしたのは、夫が生前に残してくれた新型バイブの設計資料でした。工場を立て直すには新製品を製造して売り上げを出すしか道はない、『でも実物に近いものを作るには本物のおチンチンが必要。一体どうすれば…?』そうして悩みに悩んだ私は、明け方に息子・雄一の部屋に忍び込んだのです…。