owever, Hinako had no young man in her eyes, and had a strong transformational desire for SM that she wanted to be a toy by a silver-gray man. In the head, the delusion that was hard trained by the president who was nightly night was inflamed, and the desire was released with secret masturbation in the president's room. One day, the president's nephew peeped into intense masturbation, and Hinako was subject to sneaky threats and training 社長秘書の佐々木ひなこは、その有能な仕事ぶりと個性的な美貌で男子社員の憧れのマドンナ。だがひなこは若い男は眼中に無く、シルバーグレイの権力者に玩具にされたいと云う変態的な強いSM願望を持っていた。頭の中は夜な夜な社長にハード調教される妄想が燃え上がり、社長室での秘密のオナニーで欲望を発散させていた。そんなある日、社長の甥に激しい自慰を覗かれてしまい、ひなこは卑劣な脅迫と調教を受ける事になったが・・