Saori Asada, who works at a karaoke box, is taken note by a male client and is made to think with a mystery apparatus that controls time and people's intellect. You're required to require off your dress after you are alone in a private room. Saori who is working his own consciousness is naked as he is told and presses the vibe within the groin rather than the receiver, the gasp voice is extended by the amplifier and it is incredible for masturbation whereas tuning in to his possess voice. fervor! When I looked at the customer's eyes before me, I needed to embed it indeed on the off chance that it was not, and I felt it whereas being jabbed at the back and minister pose, and I was excited. カラオケボックスで働く浅田沙織が、男性のお客さんに目をつけられ、時間や人の心を操る秘密道具で思うようにされてしまいます。個室で二人きりになった状態で、服を脱ぐことを要求されます。自分の意識を操作されている沙織は、言われるがままに全裸になってマイクの代わりにバイブを股間に押し当て、喘ぎ声をマイクで拡声されて、自分の声を聴きながらするオナニーに大興奮!目の前のお客さんのオチンチンを見ると是が非でも挿入したくなり、バックや正常位で突かれながら感じまくり、ビクビクしながらイっちゃいました。