I want you to accept my hot body ... A work of Mirai Natsukawa in full erotic mode that conveys such thoughts. As soon as he longed for him to enter the house, the two guys in a hot hug, stripping off their clothes, and struggling with each other's bodies, were excited to want H to be serious. By the time the stockings are stripped off, the pussy is completely wet! While moving from place to place in the house, I was just shaking the beautiful breasts, and in the future where the spear rolls, I'm just asking for his cock ...! 私の熱くなった身体を受け止めてほしい…そんな思いがひしひしと伝わってくる、エロモード全開の夏川未来の作品。 待ち焦がれた彼を家に入れるや否や、熱い抱擁を交わし服を脱ぎ捨てお互いの身体を貪り合う二人、本気でHがしたい様子がたまらなく興奮します。ストッキングを剥ぎ取られる頃にはオマンコはすっかり濡れ濡れに!家の中で場所を移動しながら、ひたすら美乳を揺らしてやってやって、ヤリまくる未来は彼の肉棒をひたすら求め続けるのでした…!