Active Female College Student! Still picchi and beauty big in the whitening of the sticky mochi, Emi Fujisawa who seems to be quite good of hugging is the first appearance in Caribbeancom. I'm not very good at acting, I'll try to play slutwith me with a pretty stick reading, I'll put out a fluffy and go, but Emiri-chan of pretty character is also wrapped up in that area. When it becomes comfortable by masturbation, the sloppy acting changes completely, too. Emiri-chan exposes her true self and shows her serious sex. Fellatech is also quite good. Finish in the shots when both of them feel good!現役女子大生!まだまだビッチピチでもっちりもちもちの美白に美巨乳、抱き心地のかなり良さそうな藤沢えみりちゃんがカリビアンコムに初登場。あまり演技は得意ではないのか「ふわふわのチンコ出してチンコしごいてよ」とかなりの棒読みで痴女プレイに挑んでいきますが 笑 その辺もひっくるめて可愛らしい性格のえみりちゃん。オナニーで気持ちよくなるとそのたどたどしい演技も一変。素の自分をさらけ出し本気のセックスを見せてくれるえみりちゃん。フェラテクもなかなかです。2人とも気持ちよくなると中出しでフィニーッシュ!