Sagi is a new employee who hides her past working as a former AV actress and is full of motivation to find a new job in order to return to her normal life. However, my male employees noticed my past, and my working life was one-off. It becomes the sexual desire divergent person of the office, and it is made to suck semen sucking the as it is said, clothes and stockings are peeled off during the customer service on the telephone, and it is a succession of the outrageous punishment of the toy to be blamed to the assoko in the toy! It turns out that the real reason why Saki was hired was for the sexual comfort purpose of the male employee though it appeals to the president without collecting it. After that, everyone including the president already enters and tastes saki all you can enjoy. Indeed, i will be satisfied to roar all the employees in the tech of AV training! Saki is covered in semen and is devoured, and this is still her character.   元AV女優として働いていた過去を隠し、普通の生活に戻るため新しい仕事を見つけてやる気に満ち溢れる新入社員の沙希。ところが同僚の男性社員たちに自分の過去に気づかれ、社会人生活は一遍!オフィスの性欲発散係に成り果て、言われるがままにチンコをしゃぶりザーメンを吸い取らされるわ、電話で接客中にも服もストッキングもはがされ、オモチャでアソコをぐちゅぐちゅに責められるわの非道な仕打ちの連続!たまらず社長に状況を訴えるも、なんと沙希が雇われた本当の理由が、男性社員の性的慰安目的だったと判明!そのあとはもう社長も含めて皆で入り乱れ沙希を味わい放題!さすが、AV仕込みのテクで社員全員を唸らせ満足させてしまいます!ヨダレとザーメンまみれになりチンコを貪る沙希、やはりこれが彼女の性(さが)なんでしょうか・・・。