Jav streaming He is an active swimwear model and her husband is a producer of a television station. Yuna was supposed to be walking a life that everyone envied, but her husband and her fight constantly had troubles. And today I came to a ryokan to forget everything. Yuna who seems to be kind hearted, and also meets Aki who is traveling alone and relaxes. But the incident occurred. Yuna headed for one female hot water saw some things that should not be seen自身は現役の水着モデル、夫はテレビ局のプロデューサー。誰もがうらやむような人生を歩んでいるはずの由奈だったが、夫とけんかが絶えず心労を重ねてい た。そして今日、全てを忘れるべくとある旅館にやって来たのだった。気の優しそうな女将、そして同じく一人旅中のあきと出会いリラックスする由奈。しかし 事件は起こるのだった。一人女湯に向かった由奈が見てはいけないあるものを見てしまい