【Limited period re-release 9/16 as soon as possible! Mari who is married for 3 years does not have much conversation with her husband, and television is your friend during the day ...! It is the cock of a stranger who fills the lonely gaps of such a housewife housewife! Pant voice also echoes Today it was an exciting afternoon!

【期間限定再公開 9/16 まで お早めに!】結婚3年のまりさんは、旦那との会話もあまりなく、お昼間はテレビがお友だちだとか…!?そんな専業主婦のさみしい隙間を埋めるのは、見知らぬ男のチンポです!喘ぎ声も響かせて、今日は刺激的な昼下がりになりました!