Total restoration! A modern arrangement is born! ! Satoshi (Hatsumi) who chosen to urge locked in with her partner Takashi some time recently graduating from college and had a satisfying life each day, but she caught the eyes of a lover who happened to meet within the city, and prepared a lady to work. (Daegu) are stole and limited to sex slaves. And three months afterward, when wrapped up as a slave, it was put in a Nanjing sack and given over to the client ...完全復活!後手縛り監督、新シリーズ誕生!!大学の卒業を控え恋人の隆志との婚約も決まり、充実した毎日を送っていた栞(初美)だったが、たまたま街で行き会った好事家の目に留まり、女を調教するのが仕事の里奈(大槻)たちに拉致監禁され性奴隷に調教される。そして三ヶ月間後、奴隷に仕上がると南京袋に入れられ依頼主に引き渡されるのだった…。