Convulsive Aiki Sister Likes Oji! Ai-chan, who truly adores Oji-san, could be a touchy individual who feels brisk fair by licking his ear! Oji and others who confronted such a preeminent affectability Ai-chan had pressure more than normal and assaulted savagely more than once, and she made it top once more and once more!痙攣イキお姉さんはオジさん好き!本当にオジさんのことが大好きなあいちゃんは耳を舐められただけでビクんと感じてしまう敏感体質の持ち主!そんな感度抜群のあいちゃんを目の前にしたオジさん達はいつも以上にテンションがあがり激しく責めたていき何度もあいちゃんをイカせまくってます!