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This work is a real documentary work attracted by luscious luscious ladies. [Prolog] Today I met a torii at Higashifushima station in Nishi - Tokyo with a 35 - year - old married woman. It is an elegant wife with a clear tone. [Scene 1] 10 years of marriage. Sex seems to be a long way from husband, it seems that he decided to appear this time with money + α. [Scene 2] It seems that they are busy with each other for 2 to 3 years, they do not have sex, the fickle heart is actually the wife 's fitting situation ... it is flourishing. Female is not a thrill feeling, it is a little sneaky, "You can not do it normally." I was slightly interested. 【Scene 3】 Such a strong woman. As it seems that you usually experience only a frenzied SEX, touching the body, licking the neck and converting a rich kiss will gradually change to the expression of an unfaithful woman. The nipple seems like a clean hit and rises quickly and the soft chest sways. ... The panty of Mr. Poetry is getting moist with a caress that gradually becomes fierce. I am excited just by listening to my breath ... It gets soaked in a handsman and ready ... I want a poetry man. [Epilogue] sucking a couple carefully, I want a couple of times ... I've been overheating or my waist moves intensely ... It was a very nastily passionate married woman.