279 UTSU-173 EveryoneApparently a married woman who seems obedient and obedient to her husband appears ♪ Apparently, this appearance seems to be an order of a husband! Shaved pussy when turning his blind wife 's pants to anywhere ♪ This is also a command of a husband? What? Apologize faceily to the husband over the camera with a face, "I'm sorry for becoming pleasant by other people ...". When I thought that I was raising a cheeky voice anywhere, when I gradually become higher and culminent, I shouted "Kimojiyi ~ ~! Ig! ~ !!!"! ! Surprised by the tremendous gap that husband train shows!279UTSU-173 みな旦那さんに従順で、おっとり清純そうな人妻さんの登場♪どうやらこの出演、旦那の命令らしい!どこまでも旦那に盲目的な奥さんのパンツをめくるとつるつるのパイパン♪これも旦那の命令??「他の人で気持ちよくなってごめんなさい…」とカメラの向こうの旦那に向かってうっとり顔で謝罪。どこを触っても甲高く可愛い声を上げていたかと思ったら、徐々に高まり絶頂を迎える時には「キモヂイイ~~!イグ~!!!」と雄叫び!!旦那の調教が窺えるものすごいギャップに驚愕!