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Does everyone remember! Casual old clothes fashion! Pretty dumpling hair! Impressive round glasses! With this tall, slender and preeminent style, this absolutely beautiful girl thing! ! That's right! ! "Akari (21)" who is doing her best as an apprentice by cake shop and apparel came again! This time it is the fourth appearance! ♪ ~ ♪ It will not be strange to say that you are already regular as long as you appear so much! Number of times w First of all, let's listen to her recent situation ... How much it ranked up to be able to help you make sweets from chores ♪ This is a pleasing report! …However! What? The way to become a professional patissier is still far away ♪ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 I have experienced a long underwear era. She is exactly one of them, but occasionally it is necessary to have "Iki" ♪ ♪ Because it is a girl ♪ So, if desire accumulates in this way, it will come to "recruitment chan". Let's listen to this order of this nymphosome girls ♪ I'd like to enjoy sex with a different taste ♪ "I want to blame men and make them feel good" ♪ I always like the manager and seniors This sadistic aspect that she is showing strongly guided and endured. A word attack or a licking against a masochistic strong actor. Handjob, blowjobs, face-sitting etc, etc. In this recording there is plenty of eros, which is different from the previous Akari ♪ I have this one side also w people who saw the work up to now or those who do not know her yet It might be fun to know "absolutely beautiful girl Akari-chan" ♪ "There are three things twice! "There are things that have three times for the fourth time! "…It was there! This is! Perhaps the fifth appearance ... maybe there ♪ soon ♪